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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The High Tea

This Monday was Woman's day in South Africa, so Olivia, Alisa , my nieces Mina & Sima and I went to the  12 Apostoles Hotel for High Tea....

We did the whole Shebang!
Floral Alice bands....  Jewelry .... high heels... and oh yes, we ACTED like Ladies.... which wasn't too hard :D ... did I mention the decked out make up? also the fact that everyone was dressed normal :D alas, we were special ;)

Ahh we ate too much! Scones , cakes Muffins , tartlets, salmon sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches , chicken aioliii .

I really recommend it to anyone who has not been to a high tea before, to put on their fanciest clothes
(even if you feel like a douche) and make an experience out of it!

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